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63,00 EUR*
Details Damen, Strickjacke, Inaccessible, GR. 38 (Herstellergröße: M), Schwarz (Noir)

Derhy Damen, Strickjacke, Inaccessible, GR. 38 (Herstellergröße: M), Schwarz (Noir)

7,78 EUR*
Details Journey to Inaccessible Places

Ausgabedatum: 2014-03-01, Audio CD, CD Baby

165,04 EUR*
Details Limoges Scarlet en Crinoline La Femme inaccessible Francois Ganeau - Women of the Century - CP1252 by Bradford Exchange

Previously owned and in good condition;Measures approximately 20.5 cms in diameter;Plate stand not included - for display purposes only

23,63 EUR*
Details Spiegel drehbar, mit Teleskopgriff

Teddington WSR1249 Spiegel: kann um Hals téléscopique. Vorteile: können engen inaccessibles. Spiegel Schwenkbar in alle Positionen ...

6,30 EUR*
Details OUTIFRANCE - Scie Passe Partout PD 07

Scie Passe Partout PD 07. Pour scier dans les endroits inaccessibles. Permet d'utiliser les lames cassées.

9,50 EUR*
Details OUTIFRANCE - Pince flexible 610 mm + doigt magnétique

Permet de récupérer dans les endroits inaccessibles, les vis, écrous, rondelles et toutes autres petites pièces métalliques ou pas.

6,00 EUR*
Details Mini-Staubsauger 2-in - 1, USB

Mit diesem praktischen Handstaubsauger mit 2 Saugstufen verfügt über eine lampe zur Ausleuchtung schwer inaccessibles. es einfach in USB-Anschluss, zum Reinigen von Ventilatoren, Monitore, Laptops oder der Zollstelle durchgeführt werden....

20,52 EUR*
Details OUTIFRANCE - Lampe d'inspection flexible

Idéal pour éclairer les recoins inaccessibles. Eclairage par 3 Leds. Corps en métal flexible. Poignée en caoutchouc, antiglisse, anatomique et antichoc. Bouton interrupteur. Alimentation : 2 piles LR3 / AAA / 1,5 V (non fournies).

35,50 EUR*
Details Cs- Gelenkwaschbürste

La brosse de lavage GARDENA est alimentée en eau et comporte un raccord Original GARDENA System. La brosse de lavage articulée GARDENA présente une forme triangulaire pratique pour les zones inaccessibles. Vous pouvez atteindre sans efforts les coins...

7,61 EUR*
Details 9901 Nachfüllnadel für Kantan Couture

replacement needle exclusively for bead embroidery tool 9900. easy replacement with a screw on the handle. caution handle with care and store in a place inaccessible to children as the needle point is sharp.

8,10 EUR*
Details OUTIFRANCE - Brosse triangulaire pour toiles d'araignée

Balais brosse triangulaire en poils nylon souples, déloge facilement la poussière et les toiles d'araignées des recoins de la maison habituellement inaccessibles. Largeur : 27 cm Emmanchement : vissante Ø 21 mm

51,00 EUR*
Details MFG - Ratchet Screwdriver Set

""Ratchet Screwdriver Set, For Reaching Inaccessible Screws Where Leverage Is Desired, Ratchet Driver Is Plated Steel & Instantly Adjusts For Right- Or Left Hand Use, Has Hardened Tempered Steel Blades, 5 Piece Set Includes: 1/4"" & 3/8"" Straight...

3,91 EUR*
Details Campanula Takesimana Seeds

""A fine form collected from (generally out-of-bounds and inaccessible!) North Korea. Taller than normal stems hold large bells ranging from white to pale mauve, heavily spotted inside with maroon. These arise from a ground cover of rosettes of shiny...

22,34 EUR*
Details Gryphon Games 1380 - Fleet

Fleet is a strategic card based game featuring a unique commercial fishing theme. Fleet uses both existing and new mechanics to create an exciting playing experience. In the northwest corner of Nunavut, Canada, a formerly inaccessible bay off of the...

20,71 EUR*
Details INC - Outboard Motor Lock

Outboard Motor Lock, Provides Security For Transom Mount Outboard, Works On All Outboards With Wing Type Screws, EDC Coated Steel Brackets Lock Over The Screws Making Them Inaccessible, Includes Pad Lock That Fits Inside The Tube, Lock Most Outboards Up T

62,52 EUR*
Details Weather Channel IR-101TWC Infrared Thermometer by La Crosse Technology

Easy contact-free temperature measurement for inaccessible locations, Cyclic measurements allow fast, accurate temperature readings in Fahrenheit or Celsius, Displays measured temperature with maximum and minimum records, Data hold function saves...

73,48 EUR*
Details MDTX1 Flat Microfiber Duster by IMCG

Flat Microfiber Duster, - Can reach the most inaccessible places in your home., Get to the dust under and between furniture and appliances, Dust your ceiling fans, AC ducts, light fixtures without using a ladder or chair. Has a 38 inch wand that...

25,49 EUR*
Details Performing Rites: On the Value of Popular Music

Performing Rites Asking what we talk about when we talk about music, the author does not dismiss emotional response and personal taste as inaccessible to the academic critic, but takes these forms of engagement as his subject, disclosing their place at...

5,99 EUR*
Details Am-Tech 5 lb Telescopic Magnetic Pick Up Tool, S2255

""Am-Tech 5 lb Telescopic Magnetic Pick Up Tool, S2255 - Extends up to 24"" (600mm) long - Picks up to 5lb in weight - Ideal for picking up nuts, bolts and screws from inaccessible places - Pen style with pocket clip - Chrome finish""

13,49 EUR*
Details The Grail Enigma: The Hidden Heirs of Jesus and Mary Magdalene

The Grail Enigma The incredible conclusion to the investigation into Jesus and Mary's bloodline which first began in Gardner's Bloodline of the Holy Grail. Now Gardner reveals centuries of previously inaccessible archives that show the truth about what...

155,14 EUR*
Details Collective Phenomena in Synchrotron Radiation Sources: Prediction, Diagnostics, Countermeasures (Particle Acceleration and Detection)

Collective Phenomena in Synchrotron Radiation Sources Helps to dispel the notion that collective phenomena, which is important in storage rings, are an obscure and inaccessible topic. This book presents basic concepts and is suitable for students,...

14,29 EUR*
Details The Indian Pharmaceutical Sector: Issues and Options for Health Sector Reform (World Bank Discussion Papers)

The Indian Pharmaceutical Sector This text offers an analysis of the gap between the benefits of pharmaceuticals and the reality that for many people in India, these medicines are often inaccessible or improperly used. It details options that aim to...

49,00 EUR*
Details Touchtone and Speech Interfacing to a System, which one to choose: Comparing Speech Recognition and Touchtone Interfaces in channeling of communications between human and computers

Touchtone and Speech Interfacing to a System, Which One to Choose Using an automated service to access information via telephone has become an important productivity enhancer. However, such automated services are generally inaccessible to users who...